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Support for Self-reliance of Youth

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Establishment and Operation of Community Youth Safety-Net (CYS-Net)

Policy Objective

  • Support for the returning of juveniles in crisis* to their home and to society through provision of customized counseling, protection, medical and self-reliance services in connection with youth-related resources of local communities

    ※Juvenile in crisis: A juvenile who is not provided with conditions necessary for balanced and healthy growth and lead a normal life due to the grounds, such as family, academic performance, or social adaptation problems

Related Act

  • Article 9 and 12 of the Juvenile Welfare Support Act

Major Content of Support

  • Counseling and liaison with related institutions for the juvenile in crisis based on Youth Counseling and Welfare Center

    ※CYS-Net is established and operated in 200 Youth Counseling and Welfare Centers nationwide

  • Support for early discovery, rescue or counseling for juveniles in crisis utilizing 1388 Youth Counseling Channel
  • 1388 Youth Counseling Channel

    Provision of counseling to juveniles on their ordinary worries as well as runaway, dropout, Internet addiction, etc.

    24 hours-a-day, 365 days-a-year counseling is available at any time and at any place by various way of telephone, message, cyber, etc.

    How to use Youth Call 1388?

    Telephone counseling: 1388, area code+1388(or 110)

    Message counseling: Send a message to #00001388

    KakaoTalk counseling: Add '#00001388 Youth counseling channel' as a new friend at KakaoTalk PlusFriend and send by KakaoTalk

    Cyber counseling: Access and participate in the chat room

    ※Telephone, message, or cyber counseling is free of charge (data charge at KakaoTalk counseling is on the user)

  • To provide an in-depth visiting counseling to high-risk group* juveniles in cooperation with juvenile companion

    ※Depression, suicidal risk, runaway, Internet addiction, juvenile out-of-school, etc

Support for Juvenile Outside of School

"Who is a juvenile outside of school?"

  • A juvenile who has absented over 3 months after entrance or postponed obligation of schooling
  • A juvenile who has been expelled, withdrawn or has dropped out for oneself
  • A juvenile who has not promoted to an advanced school

Youth Support Center "K-Dream"

  • An organization to provide various services of counseling, education, and vocational training for juveniles outside of school (about 214 centers are operated nationwide as of 2019)
  • Provision of various customized programs from the counseling on psychology · career · family relationship to the preparation for a qualifying examination, acquisition of certificate for employment, club activity, support for medical examination, etc. considering personal characteristic of a youth

Inquiry and Way of Use for K-Dream Center

  • Visit and participate in programs at a K-Dream Center nearby
  • Visit the homepage of K-Dream (
  • Give a call to Youth Call 1388
  • Search for "K-Dream" at major portal sites