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Utilization of Women Resources

A = A

Lower Economic Participation Rate of Korean Women Compared to That of Major OECD Countries.

  • Especially, for the Korean women of 20s and 30s, M curve phenomenon is continued, which represents career interruption due to childcare or housework; and downward working condition is observed distinctly when they are reemployed.

Implementation of Life-cycle Based Support Policy for the Fostering and Utilization of Women Resources as a National Growth Engine

Major Support Policies

Support for Career Development of Young Women

  • (Young women mentoring) Senior woman (mentor) helps junior woman (mentee) by providing professional knowledge on the related job and work ethic and eventually constructs networking and shows a role model

Fostering of Women Leaders and Expansion of Managers

  • (Operation of women leader academy) Provision of customized capacity development education so that middle class women managers can grow as key leaders in the organization
  • Target of education : middle class women managers and senior managers (candidates for directors) in private corporations and public organizations, etc

    Contents of education : understanding on the organization and oneself, strengthening of communication and negotiation power, capacity development for organizational management, etc

    Education way : collective training and on-line education

  • (Construction of women manager network) Strengthening of organizational capability; suggestion of vision for entrance to high-ranking position; and support for construction of network between seniors and juniors in office

Support for Reemployment of Career-interrupted Women, etc.

  • Relevant act: Article 13 of the Act on Promotion of Economic Activities of Career-interrupted Women
  • Business organization: New Occupation Center for Women (158 centers nationwide)

    ※Representative call 1544-1199

  • Contents of business: Provision of comprehensive support and service including employment counseling, vocational training and education, support for internship, job placement, and follow-up care after employment for the career-interrupted women due to childcare or housework
  • [Service Support Flow]

    • Employment

      - personal counseling

      - group counseling

      - provision of job information

    • Vocational Training
      and Education

      - vocational competency development education to enhance employment capability

    • Employment

      - search for job-seekers

      - support for internship

      - accompanying interview

      - matching for job-seekers and job-offerers

    • Follow-up Care
      after Employment

      - counseling and mentoring for job-seeker

      - support for improvement of working environment and education on gender equality for employer company