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Childcare Service

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What is Childcare Service?
  • A governmental policy business to ease the nurturing burden of a family by providing visiting childcare service to the family that has vacuum in childcare due to work of both parents

Provision of personal childcare service at home.

  • A professional babysitter visits your house and provides safe and personal childcare service.

Provision of 24 hours-a-day and 365 days-a-year service

  • The service is available at any time so parents can leave a child under the custody of the babysitter when they work at nights, weekends or when they have emergency matters.

Government's support for families that have problems in raising their children

  • The government helps the childcare capacity of low-income household by subsidizing a portion of the service fee.

Part-time / Comprehensive Childcare Service (Age: 3 months ~ 12 years)

    • Part-time Childcare Service

      Provision of services including temporary childcare, playing together, serving meals and snacks, commuting to childcare facility, school or private academy, safeguard, preparation of study-aid material, etc. until the parents return home
      (* excluding housekeeping)

    • Comprehensive Childcare Service

      Provision of housekeeping service in addition to the Part-time Childcare Service ※laundry for the child (one time per visit) ※Cleaning the child's room, vacuuming (one time per visit), and arrangement ※Cooking meals and snacks and washing the dishes

All-day Infant Care / Service by Infant Care Teacher (Age: 3 months ~ 36 months)

    • All-day Infant Care Service

      Provision of comprehensive care services relating to health, nutrition, sanitation, and education of the baby such as feeding baby food, sterilizing baby bottles, changing diapers, bathing, etc.
      (* excluding housekeeping)

    • Service by Infant Care Teacher

      Provision of standard infant care service in accordance with monthly activity schedule by the infant care teacher who holds childcare certification and completed separate childcare education
      (*excluding housekeeping)

Special support service for infected children

  • When children using childcare facilities, kindergartens or schools get contagious or epidemic diseases, special home-care service is provided to take care of the children within the house and accompany them to go to hospital.