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Improvement of Harmful Environment to Youth

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Policy Objective

To protect and relieve youths from harmful environment and help them to grow as healthy human beings

Major Contents

Improvement of harmful environment to the youth : Prohibition of selling drug harmful to juveniles such as alcoholic drink or cigarette; monitoring and inspection on harmful establishments to juveniles; and support for the protection of youth's rights of labor

  • Installation and operation of Juveniles Protection Central Inspection Team, nationwide operation of Monitoring Team to Detect Harmful Environment to Juveniles, operation of on-site helper to protect and support labor rights of the youths

Prevention and resolution of juveniles' addiction to Internet: Customized counseling in accordance with addiction level through diagnosis on the using habit of Internet and smartphone, operation of special treatment program, etc.

  • Operation of Internet addiction cure camp, family healing camp, and standing cure institution of National Center for Youth Internet Addiction Treatment, etc.

Strengthening of monitoring system on harmful media environment for juveniles: Continuous monitoring on harmful media against juveniles, blocking of harmful information and promotion of soundness in Internet

Deliberation on harmful record for juveniles and selection · announcement of media harmful to juveniles: Monitoring and deliberation on harmfulness of record?music file against juveniles; selection, announcement and control over harmful media against juveniles