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Research Paper

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No. Subject Attach Hit
92 Flattening the curve on COVID-19 : The Korean Experiences attachments 265
91 Measures for Improving Legislation on Violence Against Women Focusing on Stalking and Dating Violence attachments 709
90 A Study on the Development of a Policy Package for Self-Reliance of Single-Parent Families Headed by Adolescents attachments 353
89 the manual guidebook for marriage brokerage attachments 309
88 The Domestic Violence Survey in 2016 attachments 909
87 Measures for Reinforcing Cooperation among Institutions to Promote Women’s Entrepreneurship attachments 241
86 Case Management by Type of Career-Interrupted Women attachments 291
85 Analysis of the Occurrence and Trends of Sex Crimes Against Children and the Youth From 2010 to 2015 attachments 311
84 Analysis of Survey on Economic Activities of Career-break Women attachments 395
83 Analysis of Sex Crime Trends Against Children and the Youth in 2016 attachments 316