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Prevention of Violence against Women Children and Support for the Victim

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Policy Objective
  • Prevention of Violence against Women·Children including Sexual Traffic, Sexual Violence or Domestic Violence and Infringement of Their Human Rights; and Construction of Protection and Support System for the Victims
Contents of Policy

Support for the Victim of Sexual Violence

  • (Support for operation of Sunflower Center) Counseling, medical, investigational and legal support
  • (Support for operation of counseling center for the victim and protection facility) Counseling on the damage, protection of victim, provision of board and lodging, education for self-support, etc.
  • (Support of free legal service for the victim) Legal aid business such as legal representation and legal counseling service
  • (Correction treatment program for the offender of sexual violence) Prevention of recurrence through correcting the behavior of the offender
  • (Regional solidarity for safety of children and women) Construction of regional safety net for private-public cooperation and exchange of resource and information

Support for Victim of Sexual Traffic

  • (Purpose of support) Prevention of reentering to sex trade and promotion to retuning to society by supporting the victim of sexual traffic
  • (Support facilities) ▶(counseling center for the victim of sex trade) professional counseling, medical treatment, legal aids, liaison with related authorities, outreach, business at sex trade brothel ▶(support facility for people·juveniles) provision of board and lodging, medical treatment, legal aids, operation of treatment and recovery, vocational training and job placement, etc. ▶(support facility for foreigners) emergency protection, provision of interpretation service, medical treatment, legal aids, liaison with related authorities including embassy, support for returning to mother country,etc. ▶(self-reliance support center) support for employment and foundation, provision of job at common workplace, construction of network to use outside resources, aftercare service for the employment or foundation ▶(alternative education facility) support for compulsory education, self-support education, and training to develop social adaptability ▶(cohabitation facility to support self-reliance) support for temporary dwelling for the women escaped from prostitution

Support for Domestic Violence Victims

  • (Operation of Women Emergency Call 1366) Emergency counseling,aids and liaison with related authorities for the victims of domestic violence,sexual violence or sexual trafficking.
  • (Support operation of counseling center for domestic violence victims and protection facility) Counseling on the effects of violence, protection for the victims, provision of board and lodging,damage recovery program,and education for self-support,etc.
  • (Support free legal services for the victims) Legal aid business such as legal representation and legal counseling service
  • (Treatment and protection for the victims) Diagnosis on physical and psychological injury caused by domestic violence and support for medical expenses
  • (Housing support for female victims) Provision of rental house for the victims and their family.

Education to Prevent Violence

  • (Purpose) Monitoring and inspection on the implementation records of preventive education in public organizations to diffuse social awareness to prevent violence;development of various contents;and support for the preventive education through the training of professional teachers
  • (Target) Governmental organizations,local governments,public organizations,childcare facility,kindergarten
  • (Number of time) Over one hour per year per each violence type (sexual harassment,sexual traffic,sexual violence,domestic violence)
  • (Education method) Implementation with various methods of collective education by professional teacher,collective education using audio-visual materials,cyber lecture,etc.