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MOGEF News List

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No. Subject Date
401 Start developing job competency for marriage immigrants at the Family Center! 2024-04-11
400 Support for Deletion of 250,000 Damaging Videos Posted Online Last Year 2024-04-02
399 Inspection of Readiness for Introducing the Child Support Advance Payment Program 2024-03-29
398 Boosting Morale of Out-of-School Youth Ahead of Their Qualification Exams 2024-03-25
397 Finding isolated and reclusive youth through over 40,000 convenience stores nationwide 2024-03-19
396 Developing Youth Financial Capabilities Through Public-Private Partnerships 2024-03-18
395 Striving Towards Gender Equality Supporting Sustainable Social Development 2024-03-07
394 Expanding the criteria for fine exemption for business owners deceived into selling cigarettes to youths 2024-03-06
393 One-stop support to assist isolated and reclusive youths 2024-03-06
392 Information on youth who dropped out of high school Automatic Link to Out-of-School Youth Support Center 2024-02-29